Kissed by Mii Tanning Therapy
Created with marine mineral extracts, kissed by Mii has taken the nourishing benefits of natural ingredients to replenish your skin’s natural minerals, leaving it sublimely soft so your tan can develop beautifully. Rather than a quick spray over, our tan moves the emphasis onto luxury and relaxation with a full one hour and fifteen minutes of preparation and application in The Winter Spa Carlisle.

In this extended, relaxing and therapeutic treatment, a super fine, gentle exfoliator is used for the face as well as the body, delicately buffing away dry skin to create a smooth surface for a longer lasting flawless tan, key ingredients include sea lavender, inula flower coral seaweed. Followed by a shower, then moisturisation to deeply nourish, you will be perfectly primed for the perfect glow.

Available in three shades (delicately light, beautifully medium and deliciously dark), our tanning products are the ideal way to create the natural look of summer at any time of year.

Quick to dry, your flawless, streak-free tan will develop in 6-8 hrs, leaving a more natural and healthy appearance than you’ve ever experienced.

1 hr 15 mins – £49