Hands and Feet

LeRemedi Intensive Hand Therapy
This therapy, combined with a Jessica Prescriptive Manicure, offers so much more than a perfect finish for your nails. Your nails are analysed and treated for their specific type. Hands are then cleansed, exfoliated and re-hydrated before we add our anti-ageing treatment to leave hands noticeably silkier, smoother and firmer.

60 mins – £52
Jessica Prescriptive Manicure

Perfect for nails and hands that require some extra TLC. The Prescriptive Manicure includes hand and cuticle conditioning and moisturising, hand exfoliation and massage before nails are beautifully shaped and treated with a prescriptive base coat before finishing with the perfect polish.

45 mins – £35

Essential Manicure or Pedicure
Our natural Jessica nail shape and polish including a sealing base coat.

15 mins – £20

Jessica Prescriptive Pedicure
Perfect for feet and nails in need of some therapy. Your pedicure includes feet and nail conditioning and massaging, cuticle work, foot massage, nail shape and polish.

60 mins – £45

Zenspa Intensive Foot Therapy
This highly recommended treatment provides full relief, hydration, nourishment, whilst repairing and protecting the feet. our invigorating foot masque uses a unique blend of natural botanicals to seal in moisture while Papain and Mixed Fruit acid complex break down dead skin and boost cellular repair. Finally receive a Jessica Prescriptive Pedicure to leave your nails beautifully shaped and perfectly polished.

1 hr 15 mins – £57

Add these must have essentials to any of our Jessica manicure or pedicure treatments. Please mention all enhancements when booking your treatments.

The Perfect French Polish
Give your nails the natural look with this ever popular classic finish.

10 mins – £5

Jessica’s soak off gel polish in any single colour, long lasting, chip resistant and protecting for the natural nail underneath- why wouldn’t you?!

10 mins – £5

GELeration removal
Gently removing gel coats back to the natural nail.

10 mins – £5

MIRROR CHROME Titanium Finish
The latest must have look! We apply the special MIRROR CHROME glitter with an incredible Titanium Topcoat to lock in the shine. Available in Platinum Chrome, Gold, Rose Gold, Mermaid Shimmer Green, Pink Blush, Peach and Rainbow Lime colours .

10 mins – £10 (added to any gel manicure)